Our Beers

We’ve added a brewery to our winery & distillery in Westfield, NY, making us the first combination winery, distillery and brewery in NY state!


Tier One Beers

The foundation of our craft beer line

12 oz (on-site) $5
32 oz growler fill $7
64 oz growler fill $12
bottle (12 oz) $2.50
standard 6-pack $11
mixed 6-pack $15
case (24 bottles) $44

Cream Ale

Sweet corn flavors, floral aromas and effervescent carbonation make this a perfect light summer beer. 4.9% ABV
Cream Ale Tech Sheet

Grape Lakes

(Seasonal) American wheat ale co-fermented with a splash of NY Concord Grape juice. 5.3% ABV
Grape Lakes Tech Sheet

Pale Ale

Generous hop additions give this medium-bodied pale ale its light, fruity citrus flavors. 5.4% ABV
Pale Ale Tech Sheet

Rye Pale Ale

Rye malt gives this light-bodied pale ale a spicy grain flavor. 6.2% ABV
Rye Pale Ale Tech Sheet

Brown Ale

(Seasonal) A full bodied ale, brown in color, caramel and nutty flavors. a great beer to keep you cozy next to a fall campfire. 5.1% ABV
Brown Ale Tech Sheet


A full-bodied, creamy stout with rich, roasted notes and a gentle sweetness. 6.5% ABV
Stout Tech Sheet


Tier One Beers: Radlers

(Seasonal) Light, fruity & refreshing low-alcohol beers

Lim Wit

A light & refreshing hazy blonde hefeweizen blended with lime, highly carbonated for added invigoration. 4% ABV
Lim Wit Tech Sheet

unCommon Passion

A light and refreshing California common style beer blended with passion fruit. 4% ABV
unCommon Passion Tech Sheet


Tier Two Beers

Imperial style beers

8 oz (on site, beers > 8% abv) $5
12 oz (on-site) $6
32 oz growler fill $9
64 oz growler fill $15
4 pack (12 oz) – coming soon, Double XING only $10



Imperial Style IPA. 7.5% abv
Double XING Tech Sheet


Can-Am Copper IPA

(limited release) Canadian American Collaboration Brew. 6.1% ABV
Can-Am Copper Tech Sheet



(Winter Seasonal, draft only) A big, bold Barleywine. 10.4% abv
Barleywine Tech Sheet


Imperial Stout

(Limited Release, draft only) Imperial Style Stout. 12.4% abv
Imperial Stout Tech Sheet


Tier Three Beers

Specialty & barrel-aged beers

12 oz (on-site) $8
32 oz growler fill $12
64 oz growler fill $20
750 mL bottles $12

(Drink That) Funky Cherry (Whit Boy)

American wheat ale co-fermented with sweet and sour NY cherries and aged in red wine barrels inoculated with brettanomyces yeast, giving this ale a unique slightly sour flavor. 6.3% ABV
Funky Cherry Tech Sheet

Rhiskey Business

Our Rye Pale Ale aged 7 months in freshly emptied Five & 20 Rye Whiskey barrels, imparting powerful notes of vanilla and oak, with added spiciness and heat leftover from the spirit. 7.1% ABV
Rhiskey Business Tech Sheet

Barrel Aged Hawt Roxxx

(Limited Release) The barrel aged version of the Lake Erie Ale trail’s collaboration stein bier. 6.4% ABV
Barrel Aged Hawt Roxxx Tech Sheet


(Limited Release, draft only) Rye Pale Ale aged in red wine barrels inoculated with brettanomyces yeast. 6.5% ABV

Not all beers available at all times. Please visit our tasting room to see what’s currently on tap.
Please ask about beer, wine & spirit discounts
Check back often for new, specialty and seasonal beers!