Rye Whiskey (SB)2RW

Batch #3. We crafted this rye to be smoother and more approachable than many rye whiskeys. Carefully pot-distilled, specifically made to be aged in smaller barrels, the spirit is balanced between the spicy grain character of the rye and the sweet caramel & vanilla flavors of high quality oak barrels. Can be enjoyed both in classic cocktails like Manhattans, or simply neat. We prefer ours in a Five & 20 rocks glass with just a touch of water. 80% New York grown rye and 20% distiller’s malt aged 18 months in new charred American Oak.

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Rye Whiskey Batch 3 Tech Sheet

Five & 20 Rye Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

90 proof 45% abv $49.95

Bourbon (SB)2BW

Our Bourbon was produced from locally sourced grains, 70% corn, 15% rye and 15% barley malt, aged a full 2 years in new charred American oak. Robust barrel flavors with dark caramel and smoky notes, followed by hints of rye spice. Finishes dry & smoky with lingering corn notes.

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Bourbon Batch 2 Tech Sheet

90 proof 45% abv $49.95




Corn Whiskey SBCW

Made with double pot-distilled corn mash, the nose of this whiskey is reminiscent of fresh field corn. The flavor is sweet and grainy, almost like boozy corn bread. Leaves a dry, clean finish with a slight burn. Hey, it’s basically moonshine after all! 80% corn and 20% distiller’s malt (barley), unaged. Batch #2 Now Available

Corn Whiskey Tech Sheet
Batch #2 Tech Sheet Coming Soon

90 proof 45% abv $29.95 (750 ml)

White Rye Whiskey

White Rye Whiskey SBRW

Made will 100% rye, we used very selective distillation cuts to ensure that only the best grain flavors would shine through in the finished spirit. We also used a good amount of malted rye (60%) to give the spirit a bit more of a “roasted” grain flavor, reminiscent of rye toast.

White Rye Whiskey Tech Sheet

90 proof 47.5% abv $29.95 (750 ml)



A bottle of our Limoncello Liqueur


A lemon flavored liqueur crafted from a grape base with dried lemon peel and fresh lemon juice, finished sweet. This delightfully fresh, lemon-zesty after-dinner drink is best served chilled or over ice.

Limoncello Tech Sheet

56 proof 28% abv $19.95





A unique grain-based spirit created by distilling a finished barley wine. The result is a fantastically interesting beverage with full malt and hop flavor originating from its base, enjoyable neat or on the rocks. Think of this spirit as a stand-in for gin in your favorite drinks, with an out-of-the-ordinary flavor.
Once you get your hands on this stuff, play mixologist and post your own creative cocktail on our Five & 20 Facebook page.

9th Annual American Distilling Institute Judging of American Spirits – Bronze, 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Bronze, Whisky Advocate – 87 points

Bierschnapps Tech Sheet

101 proof 50.5% abv $24.95


 Also Available For Sampling & Sale (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars Brand)

Apple Eau de Vie (375 ml) – distilled from fermented apples – 40% ABV $34.95
Plum Eau de Vie (375 ml) – distilled from fermented plums – 40% ABV $34.95
Cherry Eau de Vie (375 ml) – distilled from fermented cherries – 40% ABV $34.95
Pear Eau de Vie (375 ml) – distilled from fermented pears – 40% ABV $34.95
Pear in the Bottle (not available for sampling) – 40% ABV $79.95
Grappa of Steuben (375 ml) – traditional italian spirit – 40% ABV $24.95

“Featured Guest Spirits” Also Available for Sampling & Sale

Manhattan Moonshine

Three Hunters Vodka

1911 Gin

Fenimore Gin


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