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Barrel Adoption Program

Save the Whiskey – Adopt a Barrel!
Makes a great gift!

2016 Choices: Rye Whiskey or Bourbon, Please call for availability


Custody of a Genuine Five & 20 Spirits whiskey barrel
– You’ll get custody of a barrel used to age the spirit of your choice after the product has been finished, bottled & released
– Signed & dated by Distiller Joe Nelson
Special Adopter Events
Throughout the production and aging of your specific product/barrel you will be invited for the following events:
– “Meet your Barrel” Private mini-tour of distilling facility and “white dog” tasting of unaged spirit
– Mid-aging tasting with Distiller Joe Nelson
– Final tasting during blending of producted that adopted barrel is being used for
Two Bottles
– Two 750 ml bottles of finished product from your adopted barrel upon completion and bottling of product
– Signed and numbered by Distiller Joe Nelson
Offical “Barrel Adopter” Card
– Entitles adopter to one year of once monthly wine/spirit sampling at our Westfield location for you and a guest
– Each monthly tasting includes 6 tokens each for you and your guest
Set of 2 “Five & 20 Spirits” 8 oz glasses
Five & 20 T-shirt

Call (716) 793-9463 for more information or stop into our Winery & Distillery in Westfield, NY.

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