Our Beers

We’ve added a brewery to our winery & distillery in Westfield, NY, making us the first combination winery, distillery and brewery in NY state!


Tier One Beers

The foundation of our craft beer line

12 oz (on-site) $5
32 oz growler fill $7
64 oz growler fill $12
bottle (12 oz) $2.50
standard 6-pack $11
mixed 6-pack $15
case (24 bottles) $44

Cream Ale

Sweet corn flavors, floral aromas and effervescent carbonation make this a perfect light warm weather beer. 4.9% ABV
Cream Ale Tech Sheet

Grape Lakes

(Seasonal) American wheat ale co-fermented with a splash of NY Concord Grape juice for a refreshing warm weather beer. 5.3% ABV
Grape Lakes Tech Sheet

Pale Ale

Generous hop additions give this light-bodied pale ale its fruity and citrus flavors. 5.4% ABV
Pale Ale Tech Sheet

Rye Pale Ale

Rye malt gives this medium-bodied pale ale a spicy grain flavor. 6.2% ABV
Rye Pale Ale Tech Sheet

Brown Ale

A full bodied ale, brown in color, caramel and nutty flavors. A great beer to keep you cozy next to a fall campfire. 5.1% ABV
Brown Ale Tech Sheet


A full-bodied, creamy stout with rich, roasted notes and a gentle sweetness. 6.5% ABV
Stout Tech Sheet


Tier One Beers: Radlers

(Seasonal) Light, fruity & refreshing low-alcohol beers

Lim Wit

A light & refreshing hazy blonde hefeweizen blended with lime, highly carbonated for added invigoration. 4% ABV
Lim Wit Tech Sheet

unCommon Passion

A light, effervescent and refreshing California Common style beer blended with passion fruit. 4% ABV
unCommon Passion Tech Sheet


Tier Two Beers

Imperial style beers & Select Specialty Beers

8 oz (on site, beers > 8% abv) $5
12 oz (on-site) $6
32 oz growler fill $9
64 oz growler fill $15
4 pack (12 oz) – coming soon, Double XING only $10



Imperial Style IPA. 7.5% abv
Double XING Tech Sheet


Oatmeal Brown Ale

(Seasonal, draft only) An oaty brown ale with hints of cinnamon. 5.6% abv
Oatmeal Brown Ale Tech Sheet



(Winter Seasonal, draft only) A big, bold Barleywine. 10.4% abv
Barleywine Tech Sheet


Imperial Stout

(Limited Release, draft only) Imperial Style Stout. 12.4% abv
Imperial Stout Tech Sheet


Tier Three Beers

Barrel-aged Beers & Select Specialty Beers

8 oz (on site, beers > 8% abv) $6
12 oz (on-site) $8
32 oz growler fill $12
64 oz growler fill $20
750 mL bottles $12

Rhiskey Business

Our Rye Pale Ale aged approximately 7 months in freshly emptied Five & 20 Rye Whiskey barrels, imparting powerful notes of vanilla and oak, with added spiciness and heat leftover from the spirit. 7.1% ABV
Rhiskey Business Tech Sheet


Port & Our big, bold Barleywine ale aged in our own used Port & Sherry barrels. 10.6% ABV
Barrelywine Tech Sheet


COMING SOON! Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout.

Not all beers available at all times. Please visit our tasting room to see what’s currently on tap.
Please ask about beer, wine & spirit discounts
Check back often for new, specialty and seasonal beers!